Our Sons, Our Brothers, Our Family

This morning our hearts are broken as our people’s beloved sons, Eyal, Naftali, and Gilad are laid to rest. Like so many of you, for the past 18 days these boys have been in my heart, in my prayers and in my thoughts. Indeed, this very past Shabbat in shul, I urged all of us […]

Our Father Abraham Mourns in Heaven

On Sunday morning, we were deeply disturbed by news of the arrest of six Israeli Jews in connection with the brutal murder of 16 year old, Muhammad Abu Khdeir. Israeli leaders, both political and spiritual, along with major Jewish organizations, both religious and secular, have condemned this vicious act in no uncertain terms (below please […]

Passover Thoughts in The Times of Israel

In advance of Passover, I published an essay in The Times of Israel: In the past six months, Israel bid farewell to four towering archetypal leaders. One was wise, one was rebellious, one was simple, and one did not know how to ask (but did know how to sing) The passing of Rav Ovadia Yosef, […]