Welcome to the CBI Family!  We are here with you in times of celebration, and here for you in times of challenge.  We look forward to praying with you, learning with you, and sharing good deeds with you.  In doing these things together, we become, as a sacred community, more than we could become as  individuals.

We encourage you to stay after services on Shabbat mornings for Kiddush and you will be invited for lunch by members hosting guests that week.  Come to our beautiful and spirited holiday celebrations to observe and celebrate together.  Join one of the many stimulating classes offered at the shul weekly.  Our weekly bulletin on our website  and our quarterly newsletter will keep you apprised of our classes and events at shul.

As we continue our Jewish journey, we each have something special to offer.  Volunteerism is important to the cohesion of our family but just as importantly, it is the way in which each of us becomes integrated into our community.  If you have not already met Rabbi Cohen or Rabbanit Meira Wolkenfeld, we very much encourage you to do so. They can be reached respectively at rabbi@cbiberkeley.org and at rabbanit@cbiberkeley.org.

To inquire about membership, please email our treasurer at treasurer@cbiberkeley.org; and to be added to our email lists and be kept informed about services & events, please email office@cbiberkeley.org.