Our weekly Kiddushes create opportunities for all of us to deepen our connections with one another and enjoy Shabbat through conversation, food and blessings. Join us in fostering these meaningful relationships by sponsoring or hosting one of our Shabbat communal gatherings—anything from shopping and cooking yourself to financial contributions in support of supplies. Options are:

Do it Yourself
Plan, shop, prepare, set up and clean up the Kiddush by yourself, or with a small group of co-sponsors that you find, or the kiddush coordinator helps you find. Sample menus are available by request

Hire a Caterer
Click here to see our list of approved caterers.

Make a Financial Donation Only
Members who exclusively donate to the cost of a Kiddush may be considered Kiddush co-sponsors only, and may do so if the event is already sponsored by others who plan on taking on the shopping, prep, setup, clean up, etc. responsibilities of the Kiddush in question. Payment can be made through our website here. 

Kiddush in a Kit
No time to shop, set up, clean up?
No worries…
We can order food for you, have it delivered, and arrange to have someone do the setup and cleanup.
Cost $525.00

Kiddush Coordinator:

We look forward to being with you around our communal Shabbat table!