Thank you for your interest in sponsoring a kiddush at Congregation Beth Israel. Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page so we can accurately describe your kiddush in the Daf Hashavuah. Below are the types of kiddushim we offer, and your obligations depending on which one you choose.

Upon submission of this form, the kiddush coordinator will send you an email with payment information and a signup link to volunteer to help (if you are able) on the day of your kiddush. If you have questions or need more information, contact the CBI kiddush coordinator at

Note: all sponsors are welcome, including multiple sponsors for one kiddush.

Types of kiddushim:

  1. Simple kiddush – The simple kiddush includes pre-made plates of about 5 items including crackers, hummus, fruit, and cookies. Food is purchased by the shul and delivered on Friday; it’s plated and set out by CBI volunteers.The cost of the simple kiddush is $200, we welcome any amount to cover some or all of this cost.
  2. Expanded kiddush – If you would like additional food items on the pre-made plates, you are responsible for buying, putting it out, and cleaning up, or hiring someone to do the work. Additional food items must be checked for acceptable hechshers by Rabbi Cohen or Maharat Sutton: or
  3. Elaborate kiddush – If you would like to offer a full lunch or multiple dishes, we encourage you to hire a caterer and staff to serve the food. Please contact the kiddush coordinator for names of acceptable kosher caterers,

Kiddush at CBI

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Please check your emails for payment information, and to sign up as a volunteer to help serve kiddush, if you are able.