No services are meeting at CBI at this time.
We advise our community members to pray at the following times:
9:15 am at home on Shabbat morning
8:00 am Sun • 6:30 am Mo- F
Evening:  Su-Th 7:05 pm

Daily Practice:

CBI Daily Torah WhatsApp Group w/ R. Cohen
Rabbi Cohen will share a daily video dvar Torah to the CBI Daily Torah Group and CBI FB group.
On Friday, Rabbi Cohen will share a video drasha and a source sheet to print.To join this group, please use this link:

CBI FB group can be found here:

Daily Mishna w/ M. Sutton
8:45-9 AM Sunday-Friday, starts Tuesday, March 17

We will offer an opportunity each morning for learning Mishna starting Tuesday morning at 8:45 am, particularly in lieu of saying kaddish for departed loved ones during this time. We will start with Mishna Berakhot. Please be in touch with M. Sutton if you have a yartzeit this week or in the 11 months of saying kaddish for a loved one (
Or by phone: 669-900-6833, meeting id: 5108435246#

Mon-Thurs this Week, 7:30-8:15 PM
Mindfulness Meditation w/ R. Zac Kamenetz

“You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf.” In this time when there is so much unknown to us, we can develop powerful tools to anchor ourselves into the only thing that truly exists: the present moment. We will learn and practice the basics of mindfulness (paying attention/on purpose/non-judgmentally)   meditation and sit in silent, holy awareness with our community, even while at a distance.