CBI is a caring family. Family is who we are when we feel each others’ prayers, burdens and joys. It is who we are when we choose to break the walls between our private homes and reach out to each other in times of celebration, in times of need and in times of grief.

CBI’s caring initiatives include:

Shifra Puah Meals
The CBI Family joyfully provides meals for every family blessed with the birth of a child. We have arranged special menus with Oakland Kosher, Amba and Grand Bakery to help make providing a meal even easier. For menus and directions for ordering click here.

Bikkur Cholim and Manna Meals
Our rabbi and members of our CBI family regularly visit the sick. Our community also provides Manna Meals during these difficult and challenging times. If you know of someone who would appreciate a call or visit, please contact our rabbi or our office.

Chevrah Kaddisha and Shiva Services
CBI’s Chevrah Kaddisha was the first of its kind in the East Bay. For over 30 years, members of our Chevrah Kaddisha have provided loving and attentive care, free of charge, to those whose memories still fill our lives. The CBI Family also makes all arrangements for Shiva services and meals while cultivating a loving and supportive atmosphere for those in mourning. For more information, contact our coordinator.