When we were moving to the Bay Area and looking for a Torah-observant Jewish community, many people told us “you have to move to Berkeley!” We are so glad that we did. The CBI community welcomed us with open arms from the moment we arrived (literally the moment – that very first night, a community member dropped off dinner!). We love that the CBI community combines openness with seriousness of both thought and emunah. Our son, Itai, was born here and we are so glad that he continues to grow and thrive in this wonderful community.

[Baruch] Ever since moving to Berkeley I have enjoyed going to CBI’s services. I appreciate the reserved way in which people approach both prayer and Torah learning. I look forward to many years of growing as a Jew along with the CBI community. I enjoy board games, basketball, reading and going for walks.

[Karen] I joined the CBI Board in 2022 and am excited to be working on our community-building efforts to make sure that CBI is a home for everyone in our community. I feel especially grateful to CBI because of the amazingly caring, warm community of parents and kids who I am lucky to be raising our son alongside. I love hosting both CBI community members and the interesting and varied visitors who come to Berkeley for Shabbat and Yom Tov meals. In my spare time, I enjoy learning the violin, hiking, and (almost) any type of craft that involves yarn or fabric.