Jewish texts deal with significant questions about the meaning of life, from the theological and the philosophical to the legal and practical, guiding not just how we look at the world, but how we live in the world. Classes are offered most days of the week, many taught by Rabbi Cohen, several others led by community members.


PLEASE NOTE: all classes at CBI will be held online via Zoom.  If you haven’t received the  Zoom link and password, please contact the CBI office at

Daily Practice:

CBI Daily Torah
R. Yonatan Cohen shares a daily insight to the CBI Daily Torah Group.
On Fridays, a Parsha video accompanied by a source sheet is shared as well. To join, please email the CBI Office.

CBI Connects
To join a WhatsApp group sharing positive insights and updates during this time of hardship, please contact the CBI office.
CBI FB group can be found here:

CBI Connected Families
To join a WhatsApp group sharing ideas for caring and creative parenting during this time of hardship, please contact the CBI office.

Sunday – Friday // 8:45am – 9:00am // via Zoom
Daily Mishna
M. Victoria Sutton
Join us to learn a Mishna together, particularly in lieu of saying kaddish for departed loved ones during this time. This is a meaningful way to mark a yahrzeit and or honor a loved one during the first year of mourning. Please be in touch with M. Sutton if you have a yahrzeit (
Please click here to listen to past Daily Mishna classes with M Sutton.


PLEASE NOTE: all classes at CBI will be held online via Zoom.  If you haven’t received the  Zoom link and password, please contact the CBI office at

Mondays // 12:00 pm // via Zoom (please note: class will meet at 1:00 pm on Monday, November 30)
Key Books in Tanakh: The Book of Kings
M. Victoria Sutton
The Book of Kings opens with David’s succession by Solomon and the building of the Temple. The deterioration of the monarchy, through splits in the kingdom and less than noble kings, culminates in the destruction of Solomon’s Temple at the book’s close.

Tuesdays // 12:00-3:00 pm // via Zoom
CBI Mah Jongg Group 
The regular Tuesday Mah Jongg group that met at CBI has moved to Zoom and, thanks to Lea Lasman!
It’s for players that know how to play and already have their National Mah Jongg Play Card 2019/2020.
To join, please be in touch with Marti Zedeck.

Wednesdays // 9-9:30 pm // via Zoom
Late Night Stories & Poems
R. Yonatan Cohen

Join us for a late night opportunity to learn rabbinic tales and contemporary stories, and/or enjoy liturgical poems and modern songs.

Fridays // 9:00 am // via Zoom
Talmudic Wisdom
R. Yonatan Cohen
Join us for a weekly class on Tractate Chagigah that explores major Jewish questions of practice and thought. Class is not meeting November 27.

Virtual Youth Programs:

We are seeking parent participation to make these programs a success. Please be in touch with Maharat Victoria at if you are able to support these programs or if have any further suggestions for our distance youth programming.

CBI Youth Youtube Channel
Ages 0-5
Subscribe on YouTube

This regularly updated YouTube channel created by CBI staff will include well loved songs, actions and games perfect for CBI toddlers and preschoolers. In addition, visit our channel for stories and activities to do from home.

CBI Youth Zine!
Kindergarten – 12th Grade

Sign up to author or illustrate (or design!) for our upcoming issue here
It’s time to make our voice heard! There is so much creativity and passion in our CBI youth, and in our regularly published zine (that’s a cool way to say ‘magazine’), we are giving a space for all of our fantastic kids to shine. Each issue will feature illustrations, stories, poetry and other creations by our kids and will focus on the themes from upcoming Jewish months.

Youth Videos
6th – 12th Grade

Get in touch with Natan with your idea at
We are excited to invite our middle and high schoolers to start video producing short how-to videos designed for our youngest CBI members! Would you like to teach how to solve a Rubik’s cube? Or maybe you want to share your favorite brownie recipe? Here’s your chance to be featured on our CBI Youth Youtube Channel.

Virtual Scavenger Hunts  & Events
Ages 5-8th grade

We will be running virtual scavenger hunt opportunities for middle schoolers in our neighborhood! Stay tuned for our first quest!