Daf HaShavuah

September 24-25, 2021

The Eruv is UP.

All CBI Zoom events indicated below share the same link. Please contact the office at office@cbiberkeley.org  if you haven’t received the link by email.

Sermon by R. Cohen
“Our World is Burning – Part II”

R. Cohen’s High Holiday Sermons are available on our website:
Rosh Hashanah Day I – Burnout
Rosh Hashanah Day II – Reigniting Our Fire
 Yom Kippur – Eternal Flames

Please contact the office at office@cbiberkeley.org  if you haven’t received the signup and zoom link by email for our services or Programming.

Thursday, September 23 – Chol HaMoed

6:45PM // Indoor Mincha/Ma’ariv @ CBI

7PM-8:15PM // 7-12 Grade Sukkot Learning with our bnot sherut Noa & Inbar at the Resnikoff Sukkah

Friday, September 24
6:30AM // Indoor Shacharit @ CBI

6:44PM // Candle Lighting

6:50PM // Indoor Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat @ CBI

Saturday, September 25 – Shabbat Chol HaMoed
9AM (no signup required) // Indoor Services @ CBI

9-11:30AM // Shabbat Youth Programming @ Gan Shalom
Age 3 -(rising) 2nd graders, Outdoors and masked

  • Advanced registration required
  • Kids in 3rd grade and above are encouraged to attend services with a parent, and kids of any age who are able to sit with their parents are warmly welcome to be registered and attend services

6PM // Indoor Mincha @ CBI, followed by Kohelet Reading in the CBI Sukkah, registration required
Readers: Morey Garelick, Yael Krieger, Desmid Lyon, Orit Malka, Judy Massarano, Rona Teitelman

7:40PM // Shabbat ends

Sunday, September 26 – Sukkot VI
8AM // Shacharit @ CBI

6:40PM // Indoor Mincha/Ma’ariv @CBI

8PM//Parenting in the time of climate change via CBI Zoom
with Liora Brosbe, Lili Kuchar, Racheli Perl & Chloe Rosen
Join 4 earth-loving moms for a round table discussion about raising children as our climate faces mounting challenges. Come with concerns, ideas, frustrations, curiosities – just come! We are far from experts, but are eager to begin a community conversation around this daunting reality.

Shemini Atzeret & Simchat Torah Schedule & Important Information

Monday (Day), September 27 – Hoshana Rabbah
6:30AM // Shacharit @ CBI

Monday (Evening), September 27 – Shemini Atzeret
9AM // Yizkor on CBI Zoom

6:40PM // Candle Lighting

6:45PM // Mincha/Ma’ariv

Tuesday (Day), September 28 – Shemini Atzeret
9AM (signup required) // Shacharit @ Allston Field
Yizkor Services following Torah Reading
(please arrive by 10:15 AM if you plan to be there for Yizkor)
Field will be open starting at 8:30AM for morning blessings and Pesukei d’zimra. Coffee will be served. 

Tuesday (Evening), September 28 – Simchat Torah
5:20PM* (signup required) // Mincha/Ma’ariv and Hakafot @ Allston Field

* plag is at 5:45PM
Any prep/melachah for dinner for the next day should be done after 7:35 PM

7:35PM // Candle Lighting from a pre-existing flame

Mazal Tov to our Simchat Torah Chatanim and Kallot! This year, we are honoring the devoted COVID committee team as our Simchat Torah chatanim and kallot. They will be honored in person on Simchat Torah at the 7:30 or 9:00 AM service (based on which service the honorees attend). Please join us in celebrating our 5782 honorees:
Carol Cunradi
Chaya Miriam Fried
Dan Magid
Noah Nathan (celebrating from afar)
Dean Robinson
Asaf Shor
As well as our CBI team, R. Yonatan Cohen, Emma Schnur, M. Victoria Sutton and Joelle Yzquierdo.

The kiddush on Simchat Torah will be sponsored in their honor.
Please donate here.

Wednesday, September 29 – Simchat Torah
7:30AM (signup required) // Indoor Services @ CBI with fast paced Hakafot and Torah reading.

9AM (signup required) // Outdoor Services @ Allston Field with Hakafot and men’s and women’s Torah readings with individual aliyot. Followed by catered kiddush lunch in the field. Registration required.

Field will be open starting at 8:30AM for morning blessings and Pesukei d’zimra. Coffee will be served. 

In the field:
 Well-fitting masks should be worn at all times by those unvaccinated, except when distanced and actively eating during kiddush lunch. Vaccinated individuals should remain masked when moving from their seat, and at all times during hakafot.

Kiddush Lunch: A catered pareve/dairy kiddush buffet lunch will be served following Simchat Torah services (by 1:00 PM). There will be chairs available from services, and individuals and families are warmly invited to bring a picnic blanket to spread out in the field.

Kiddush Sponsors in honor of CBI’s Simchat Torah chatanim and kallot:
Rebecca & Oden Angel; Carol & Jim Cunradi; Katya & Joel Gerwein; Alison Jordan; Josh & Jenny Kirsch; Jonah Markowitz; Amanda Nube; Joan & Stephen Reich; Susan Seeley; Ruth & Fried Wittman

Percy & Rebecca Deift, in memory of our parents

6::35PM// Mincha/Maariv

7:33PM // Yom Tov ends

Thursday, September 30
6:45AM // Shacharit

6:35 PM // Mincha/Maariv

Friday, October 1
6:45AM // Shacharit

6:34PM // Candle lighting 

6:40PM // Mincha/Kabbalat Shabbat & Maariv

Classes and Events:

All CBI Zoom classes and events indicated below share the same link. Please contact the office at office@cbiberkeley.org  if you haven’t received the link by email.

All previous CBI class recordings are here:

Monday // 12PM // via Zoom – class is on hiatus until October 4
Key Books in Tanakh: Book of Kings
With M. Victoria Sutton

The Book of Kings opens with David’s succession by Solomon and the building of the Temple. The deterioration of the monarchy, through splits in the kingdom and less than noble kings, culminates in the destruction of Solomon’s Temple at the book’s close. 

Tuesdays // 1PM // in person @ CBI – class is on hiatus
CBI’s Mah Jongg group meets weekly and is open to players that know how to play and already have their National Mah Jongg Play Card. If sanyone wishes to learn, teaching will be available on June 15. To join, please be in touch with Marti Zedeck.

Wednesdays // 9PM – 9:30PM // via Zoom – class is on hiatus
Late Night Stories & Poems 
R. Yonatan Cohen
Join us for a late night opportunity to learn rabbinic tales and contemporary stories, and/or enjoy liturgical poems and modern songs.

Fridays // 9AM // via Zoom – class is on hiatus
Talmudic Wisdom
R. Yonatan Cohen

Join us for a weekly class on Tractate Chagigah that explores major Jewish questions of practice and thought.  In this week’s class we will begin the second chapter of the tractate.

Stay Connected

CBI Connects
To join a WhatsApp group sharing positive insights and updates during this time of hardship, please contact the CBI office.
CBI Connected Families 
To join a WhatsApp group sharing ideas for caring and creative parenting during this time of hardship, please contact the CBI office.


Mazal Tov

To new parents Lauren & Ben Fleischman  on the birth of a baby boy, Akiva Liam.

A great way to support the family at this time is to bring them a meal. Please sign up for meal train here.

May this child’s life be filled with the insights of Torah, the warm and supportive love of family and community, and the blessing of good deeds.

General Announcements

Give your used vehicle new life when you donate it to CBI/Gan Shalom Preschool: Donating your car, truck or boat is easy. We’ll provide free pick-up, and your gift is tax-deductible and will benefit Gan Shalom’s Scholarship Fund. We will provide release of liability, DMV and IRS documents, and handle any title, or ticket issues.
Get started today by clicking here or call toll-free (855) 500-RIDE or (855) 500-7433

CBI AT THE SHELTER: CBI has been making regular donations in lieu of meals. Please donate to the Rabbis Discretionary Fund  and indicate shelter dinner:

  • by Paypal or credit card, please pick the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • @CBI-Berkeley by Venmo
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