Laura Lipman, Director: Laura came to teaching at Gan in a roundabout way: Her children attended Gan Shalom, after which she became a Hebrew school teacher, then a public school teacher, and finally took over running the place where her kids began. For Laura, Torah comes alive each day at Gan Shalom in learning about the lives of parents, teachers and young children.

Risa Dye:  As a former princess, Risa has great experience enchanting youth. She weaves her training as a physical performer and a textile artist into her early childhood educating. Risa thoroughly enjoys exploring this glorious world with the fertile minds of young children.

Josh Buchin: This is Josh’s third year working at Gan Shalom. His whole life he wanted to go to Gan Shalom. Growing up in Berkeley, he watched as all his friends, relatives and neighbors got to attend Gan Shalom.  However, due to a cosmic fluke, and much to Josh’s disappointment, he ended up somewhere else. He is very excited to get to fulfill his dreams at Gan Shalom now.

Robin Mendelson: When Robin opened her eyes, she knew she was supposed to teach young children. It is her passion and blessing. Her other passions include her cats, the Beatles, hula hoops, dancing, pomegranates and studying Torah.

Arianne Neckritz: Arianne was born in Geneva, Switzerland, and grew up in a number of different countries—Guatemala, England, Curacao and Israel. She has been teaching preschool for 21 years because she loves it. This is her seventh year at Gan Shalom. Her daughter Ariella is now 15. She enjoys hiking, traveling, and enjoying the wonder and magic of life.

Ariela Ronay-Jinich: Ariela is an environmental educator with a deep love of the earth, gardening, and preschool age children.  She is a warm and caring friend to every Gan Shalom student, and she has taught them all to love hand-grown chard.