Gan Shalom Preschool is a diverse Jewish community dedicated to our children’s learning through hands-on experience with music, dramatic play, arts and crafts, science and language arts.

We teach the importance of community and relationships — how to be the best person possible, no matter who you are. We foster imagination and ideas, creating learning situations through which kids can grow individually and collectively.

Jewish identification plays a key role in our curriculum, through the celebration of holidays and traditions. Children explore Jewish values such as tzedakah (charity) and mitzvot (good deeds)  through stories, songs and art. Children are also introduced to prayers and blessings, and celebrate Shabbat each week by baking their own challahs, which they proudly bring home every Friday to eat with their families.

Our carefully structured program promotes cognitive development and playtime, self-esteem and Jewish identity. Kids learn best through hands-on experiences, testing concepts, manipulating materials and engaging their natural curiosity as they explore the world around them. Even as three- and four-year-olds they learn the problem-solving skills and methods of personal interaction that they will carry later into life.

We are part of a Modern Orthodox synagogue, but have many families who are affiliated with other Jewish denominations, secular or interfaith.  It is a high priority of ours to make sure that everyone feels a level of comfort and connection to the preschool community.


Due to the pandemic, Gan Shalom’s schedule only offers two options:

Morning program (4 hours)

All day program (8 hours)