Daf Hashavuah September 13/Elul 18
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CBI Sisterhood
Book Event, Open to Men & Women: September 14, 11:00 am: Brenda Webster , author of After Auschwitch; A Love Story.
Brenda Webster, is the author of five novels, After Auschwitz, Sins of the Mothers, Paradise Farm, The Beheading Game (which was a finalist for the Northern California Book Award), and Vienna Triangle. Her memoir, the Last Good Freudian received considerable critical praise. Her forthcoming play, The Murder Trial of Sigmund Freud, was written in collaboration with award-winning playwright and producer Meridee Stein. Ms. Webster is also President of PEN West American Center. She divides her time between Berkeley and Rome.

Between My Children and God: Navigating Tensions, Identifying Priorities, Setting Expectations
* Are you feeling pulled between praying and playing?
* Not sure what to expect from this year’s High Holiday youth programming?
* Should my child attend part of the main service this year? Should he or she attempt to fast?
* Is it Halakhicaly permissible to employ our nanny and or hire a babysitter for part of the day?
* Have you set a time to apologize to your children for any misdeeds and unintentional failings?

Panel discussion and informal conversation – CBI parents are invited to join us for a panel presentation followed by informal discussion and sharing of ideas in preparation for the High Holidays.
Shabbat, CBI Upper Classroom – September 20, 12:15 – 1 pm

The selichot service begins our process of teshuva and self reflection.
Join us as we prepare through song & study for this night of forgiveness.
Saturday night, September 20
Pre-selichot community gathering • 9:00 pm
Selichot services • 11:00 pm

BUILDING FOR GENERATIONS – A Call for Blessings and Prayers
In just a few short weeks, we will begin closing walls in our rebuilt CBI Youth Center and Gan Shalom Preschool. Before we do that, we wanted to invite members of our entire CBI and Gan Shalom Family to come to the new building and leave a blessing by writing something on the inside of the walls before we close them up. Your writings and blessings will imbue our new building with sacred intentions, prayers, and good wishes.
Sunday Sept. 21, 5:00 – 6:00 pm

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