Women’s Tefillah will meet for Shabbat Mincha on the second Tuesday of the month. Please see dates below. To participate by leyning, gabbaing, leading tefillah or to learn more please contact Dr. Tamara Beliak (tbeliak @ohds.org) or Maharat Victoria Sutton.

September 10 – Shabbat Mincha (Ki Teitze)
October 25 – Simhat Torah Women’s Reading
November 12 – Shabat Mincha (Vayera):

4 pm  -Women’s Tefillah Shabbat Mincha with Torah
4:30 pm – Women’s Tefillah Seudah shelishit and Learning with Dr. Cynthia Scheinberg and Bat Sheva Miller
5:40 pm – Ma’ariv and Havdallah

December 10 – Shabbat Mincha (Vayishlach)
January 21* – Shabbat Mincha (Shemot)
February 11 – Shabbat Mincha (Tu B’Svhat,Yitro)
March 12  – Purim Day, Megillat Esther Women’s Reading
May 13 – Shabbat Mincha (Behar/Behukotai)

*(please note this is the 3rd Shabbat of the month)