The Book of Remembrance is our guide to the Yizkor Service. Revised annually and used four times during the year, it contains the text of the Yizkor liturgy and the names of those who are being remembered by the members of the Congregation.

The 2018-2019 booklet is attached here for your convenience. We will assume you wish the same listings to appear and bill you accordingly ($10/name each year). Please let us know if you wish your listing modified or deleted.

If you have a new listing and wish to  mail it in, please print the form below and return it with your check. Otherwise, please use the online form and payment below.

Book of Remembrance Form

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In memory of my loved ones, I am enclosing a check to Beth Israel for $______
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Please use the names I (we) submitted for last year’s book
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Yizkor - Book of Remembrance

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