1. In Person Services

Outdoor Services: Shabbat Services:
Outdoor services take place at the Allston Field, 1324 Allston Way (entrance is opposite 1325 Allston Way at the junction of Allston Way & N. Valley St.)

Indoor Services: Weekday Shacharit and Mincha & Maariv
Beginning April 25, indoor Services for weekday Shacharit will take place at CBI (1630 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94703)

2. Who can attend?

A. To attend our outdoor services, one must meet ALL the following criteria:

• Be completely free of any COVID-19 symptoms as described by the CDC. Anyone with any of the following symptoms cannot attend:

o Fever or chills
o Cough
o Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
o Fatigue
o Muscle or body aches
o Headache
o New loss of taste or smell
o Sore throat
o Congestion or runny nose
o Nausea or vomiting
o Diarrhea
o Unexplained rash or discoloration of fingers and toes

• Anyone who does not feel well may not attend, even without these specific symptoms.
• Do not attend services if you have had close contact with someone who has recently or currently displays upper respiratory or flu-like symptoms or has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

B. If you have been infected with COVID-19 or have had close contact with an ill individual with the above symptoms, do not attend services for at least two weeks after last contact with this individual. All these cases will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by R. Cohen in consultation with medical professionals before one is allowed to attend services.

C. Unless you re fully vaccinated, one may not have traveled by plane or undertaken any activity in which you had close contact with unmasked individuals in a high risk setting in the past 14 days.

D. Those over the age of 65 or in a high-risk group (i.e. diabetic, high blood pressure, heart or lung disease, or other underlying health condition, etc.) must consult with their physician AND R. Cohen in order to attend.

E. Attendees must be over the age of bar/bat mitzvah.

3. How do I join a service?

• There will be sections for both men and women.
• We will be giving priority only to:

o Those in the week of shiva or shloshim.
o Those who are saying kaddish during the year of mourning or on a Yahrzeit.
o All exceptions are at the discretion of Rabbi Cohen.

• You must use our signup link to attend a service (please contact office@cbiberkeley.org for the link)
• Confirmation will be sent to you after signup and a reminder will be sent to all attendees 24 hours before the service.
• One may not attend a service unless they have signed up online beforehand. It is important for us to ensure we don’t exceed our maximum capacity and that we can also track everyone who attends each and every service.
• If you do not turn up for your pre-booked spot, your ability to book future spots may be at risk. If you need to cancel, you must do so no less than 6 hours before the start time by cancelling on the SignUpGenius app or by emailing the prayer coordinator at security@cbiberkeley.org

4. Some of the Service protocols

Prior to the service:

• Siddurim and Chumashim are provided, participants are welcome to bring their own. Please bring your own tallit and relevant items.
• Arrive and leave in a timely manner (preferably one by one) for the sole purpose of davening; no conversing/socializing with others or congregating during services or outside on the street afterwards.
• Wash your hands before coming to services. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance and should be used upon entry and leaving.
• Everyone will be able to take a designated, socially-distant spot that will be laid out for you.

o Stay in your designated location from when you arrive until when you leave; members of the same household can share each other’s space.

• Ensure the outdoor space is ready for tefillah, including the following:

o Everyone’s spots for tefillah are clearly marked and set up

• The prayer leader is designated in advance
• Be prepared to have no access to a restroom or other facilities.

During the service:
• Wear a mask, covering nose and mouth, the entire time you are present at the service (please bring your own).
• People keep at least 6 feet of distance from each other.
• The services will be shorter, minimal singing, and we must be mindful of neighbors especially early in the morning.
• There will be no food served. Please do not bring any food or snacks.

o One may bring a small bottle of water for themselves

• For outdoor service: if it rains, the service will be canceled and participants notified.

After the services:

• There is to be no socializing after services. Please leave the service quickly and quietly after tefillah (praying) has finished.
• Immediately notify the service coordinator at security@cbiberkeley.org if you develop any COVID-19 symptoms/concerns. Do not wait for more formal medical consultation and/or testing for confirmation. Do not attend services again until the symptoms and concerns are resolved, as determined by a competent medical professional.

Please remember that we are dealing with an important health emergency – anyone who is not following the above guidelines will not be allowed to attend services. Additionally, community discipline at large is required for these services to continue, and for us to progress to subsequent stages as time goes on.

As we resume in-person services, let us each commit to doubling our efforts to reach out to one another, and most especially to those whose opportunities for social and communal connections have been significantly reduced by this pandemic. Whether praying alone at home, connecting to prayer virtually, or attending these services in person, we pray that Hashem hears our prayers wherever we are found.


  • Friday morning services will begin with Yishtabach and Shabbat morning services will begin with Nishmat kol chai. All other preliminary morning services should be recited at home.
  • Shabbat services will include Shacharit, Torah and Haftorah reading, and Mussaf.
  • The leyner will read and receive all aliyot and the haftorah, and do hagbahand gelilah There will be no maftir aliyah.
  • Services will have limited singing, be conducted at a fast pace, and there will be no drash.
  • Please do not hang around after service to socialize. Please leave for home immediately after services finish.


  • Please arrive on time for the start time of the service.
  • There will be spaces for men and women.
  • Due to the limited space and availability, Shabbat morning services are reserved for CBI members only.
  • If you live outside the eruv and need somewhere to leave your items before Shabbat, please email security@cbiberkeley.orgfor further details.

Indoor Services & Returning to the CBI Building

With the low COVID case rates in Berkeley and the high uptake of COVID vaccinations in the local community, we are pleased to announce that we have returned to limited indoor services at CBI.

  • Should conditions worsen, we will return to outdoor services.
  • Prior signups are required at tinyurl.com/cbi-service as there are limited spaces
  • After a trial period, we will allow limited indoor gatherings for small full-vaccinated groups, by appointment
  • As our Shabbat day services have been having a wonderfully high attendance and our building has limited space according to the guidelines, these services will remain at the CBI Allston field for now,
  • Masking is required; wearing a double, multi-layered or a KN95 mask is strongly encouraged. If you are not fully vaccinated, double, multi-layered or a KN95 masks are mandatory
  • Windows will be opened and there will be a limited space in the courtyards for those who wish to join the service while remaining outside
  • There will be no access to the kitchen, upstairs or library
  • Socializing or loitering indoors afterwards or at any time is not allowed

At the conclusion of the Torah service we beautifully pray to Hashem – “Renew our days as of old.”  Our return to Shabbat services is a small symbolic step in that direction.  With vigor we plead to God in prayer: Just as we return to You, we ask that You return to us too.

Rabbi Yonatan Cohen
Dan Magid, CBI President
Noah Nathan, Chair
Dr. Talya Brettler, MD, MPH
Carol Cunradi, MPH, PhD
Issy Kipnis
Dr. Asaf Shor, MD
Maharat Victoria Sutton
Joelle Yzquierdo