March 2022

Mask mandates for vaccinated individuals have been rolled back for most settings by our local health officer, in response to new criteria for evaluating COVID risk.  The new metrics for evaluating our societal level of risk revolve around metrics such as COVID hospitalizations.  Given above average levels of vaccination and the end of the Omicron surge, all Bay Area counties are at “low” COVID risk.  While mask mandates have been rescinded, masks are still advised by our city in indoor settings.

The reopening committee has reviewed the guidance and recommends the following at this time:

  1. Masks will be advised but optional for all vaccinated individuals in most indoor settings.
  2. CBI will continue to require universal masking at high density gatherings on a case by case basis, or if smoke requires us to close our windows.
  3. Congregants are asked to assess their personal level of risk tolerance and adjust accordingly: individuals with immunocompromising conditions, high risk contacts, or with advanced age and/or risk factors for severe COVID 19 infection should consider continuing to mask whenever possible.
  4. We recommend the use of KN95 or N95 masks, or if not available double masking, for individuals seeking a higher level of protection.
  5. Ventilation (i.e., keeping all windows and doors open) will continue to be emphasized at CBI at this time, especially when large groups are gathered.
  6. Please continue to be mindful and not come to communal events when ill with possible COVID symptoms.  Extra vigilance with masking should be taken if around sick contacts, etc.
  7. For the time being, Kiddush will remain outdoors, though indoor options will be offered on a need-be basis (such as inclement weather conditions). Lesser density indoor meals will be held as part of our ongoing programming.
  8. Please continue to sign-up for services when required for our operational purpose.
  9. Masking will be optional for outdoor Shabbat youth programming. Masking will still be required for any indoor youth programming.

The CBI Reopening Committee