Dear CBI family and friends,

For the past decade, each January has brought a fundraising appeal from Congregation Beth Israel. Every year, we have held a Phone‐A‐Thon to ask for help in bridging the gap between incoming commitments and outgoing expenditures, faced by all synagogues, to support the meaningful programming and events held throughout the year. And every year, Beth Israel’s family and friends have risen to the occasion.

What does CBI mean to you? For ourselves and our families, CBI is a home where we can daven, hear thought-provoking drashot, participate in engaging classes, be uplifted by Jewish values, deepen our commitment to Torah learning, contribute to Jewish living in the Bay Area, nurture a thriving Jewish cultural home, learn with our amazing Maharat and Rabbi, rely on wonderful, regular children’s programs, observe meaningful celebration of holidays, and participate in tikkun olam initiatives that contribute to our community at large. None of these things are possible without your support.

We salute you for your past generosity, and ask you to help get the job done again this year. In 2018, we shattered previous giving records. For 2019, we are aiming high: Our goal is 100% participation to raise $30,000 with individual pledges increasing by 10%. The 2019 CBI Phone‐A‐Thon will take place on Sunday morning, January 27th.

If you want to have this donation credited to your 2018 tax return, please consider giving before the end of December! If you would prefer, you can make your donation before in one of three ways:

  • Donate online below with a credit card.
  • Send a check to CBI, with “2019 Phone-a-thon” on the memo line.  Checks can be sent to Congregation Beth Israel, 1630 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94703.
  • Call the CBI office (510) 843-5246 to make a pledge by phone; your pledge will be added to your CBI statement.

Donors will be recognized for their support in the spring issue of Chai Lights in four categories, according to their level of giving:
$18–$179: Supporters
$180–$499: Guardians
$500–$999: Sustainers
$1,000–$1,999: Pillars
$2,000–$4,999: Innovators
$5,000+: Visionaries

If you don’t call us, we’ll call you on Sunday, January 27!  We look forward to speaking to every member of the CBI family!

Best regards, and todah rabbah!

Carol Cunradi and Eliezah Hoffman
Phone-a-thon Co-Chairs

Phone-A-Thon 2019

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