Daf Hashabbat
Shabbat Parshat Korach
June 11-12, 2021

The Eruv is UP.

All CBI Zoom events indicated below share the same link. Please contact the office at office@cbiberkeley.org  if you haven’t received the link by email.

Sermon by R. Cohen
The Kohens’ Gift & the Gifts of Crisis


Please contact the office at office@cbiberkeley.org  if you haven’t received the signup and zoom link by email.

Friday, June 11 – Rosh Chodesh Tammuz
7AM // Indoor Shacharit @ CBI

9AM // via Zoom // Talmudic Wisdom
R. Yonatan Cohen
Join us for a weekly class on Tractate Chagigah that explores major Jewish questions of practice and thought.

7PM // Indoor Mincha & Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma’ariv @ CBI

7PM // Northside Minyan at Sudikoff Home
1209 Shattuck Ave  (east side of street, past Live Oak Park, near Eunice)

8:13 PM // Shabbat Candle Lighting 

Saturday, June 12
7:30AM & 9:30AM // Indoor Services @ CBI

  • This Shabbat 12th June, we are pleased to announce that we will return to Shabbat morning services in the CBI building. In addition to spaced indoor seating, there will be limited outdoor seating for both men and women.
  • Children who are masked and can sit by their parents are also encouraged to attend services.
  • As we have limited spaces, prior signups are required (please contact the office for the link)
  • Shabbat services will continue to begin at nishmat.
  • Masks will still be required and there will be no kiddush for the time being. We will allow socializing post services.

9:30-11 AM // Shabbat Youth Programming @ Gan Shalom
ages 3-8 (outgoing 2nd grade)

  • Kids in the 2nd grade (outgoing) and above are encouraged to attend services with a parent, and kids of any age who are able to sit with their parents are warmly welcome to be registered and attend services
  • Masks and distancing will be enforced at this initial stage
  • Natan will lead programming every other week, with a parent support volunteer, and incorporate a circle. On alternate weeks over the summer, a parent will be the lead supervisor. Parents making use of the program will be asked to sign up for support volunteer shifts.
  • For more information, please contact Maharat Victoria Sutton (maharatvictoria@gmail.com).

5:30-6:30PM // Seudah Shelishit @ the Allston Field
All ages are warmly welcome. Registration required (please contact the office for a link).
We will gather for a catered communal Seudah Shelishit at the Allston Field, an opportunity to deepen connections with each other and enhance our Shabbat joy. Please note Seudah shelishit will precede Mincha at CBI at 8 PM.
Food will be served buffet style by volunteers, and individuals can be distanced on chairs or blankets (BYO) throughout the field. If you would like to volunteer to serve, please be in touch with M. Sutton.

8PM // Indoor Mincha @ CBI, followed by learning, Ma’ariv & Havdalah

9:19PM // Shabbat ends

Sunday, June 13
8AM // Indoor Shacharit @ CBI

9:30AM // via CBI Zoom // Falk/Hassenfeld Family bris
Mazal tov to parents Talia Falk & Elie Hassenfeld and siblings Noa, Julian and Siena on the birth of a baby boy!

6:45PM // Indoor Mincha/Ma’ariv @ CBI

Monday-Thursday, June 14-18
7AM // Indoor Shacharit @ CBI

6:45PM // Indoor Mincha/Ma’ariv @ CBI


This Week’s Classes 

Sunday – Friday // 8:45AM – 9:00AM // via Zoom
Daily Mishna: Beitza
With M. Victoria Sutton 

Join us to learn a Mishna together, particularly in lieu of saying kaddish for departed loved ones during this time. This is a meaningful way to mark a yahrzeit and or honor a loved one during the first year of mourning.

Monday // 12PM // via Zoom
Key Books in Tanakh: Book of Kings
With M. Victoria Sutton

The Book of Kings opens with David’s succession by Solomon and the building of the Temple. The deterioration of the monarchy, through splits in the kingdom and less than noble kings, culminates in the destruction of Solomon’s Temple at the book’s close. 

Tuesdays // 1PM // in person @ CBI
CBI’s virtual Mah Jongg group meets weekly and is open to players that know how to play and already have their National Mah Jongg Play Card. If anyone wishes to learn, teaching will be available on June 15. To join, please be in touch with Marti Zedeck.

Wednesdays // 9PM – 9:30PM // via Zoom – Class will not meet June 16 & 23
Late Night Stories & Poems 
R. Yonatan Cohen
Join us for a late night opportunity to learn rabbinic tales and contemporary stories, and/or enjoy liturgical poems and modern songs.

Fridays // 9AM // via Zoom – Class will not meet June 18 & 25
Talmudic Wisdom
R. Yonatan Cohen

Join us for a weekly class on Tractate Chagigah that explores major Jewish questions of practice and thought.  In this week’s class we will begin the second chapter of the tractate.

This Month’s Highlights

Register for L’Chaim at Covenant Winery

Stay Connected

CBI WhatsApp Groups:

CBI Connects
To join a WhatsApp group sharing positive insights and updates during this time of hardship, please contact the CBI office.

CBI Connected Families 
To join a WhatsApp group sharing ideas for caring and creative parenting during this time of hardship, please contact the CBI office.

Mazal Tov!

to parents Talia Falk & Elie Hassenfeld
 and siblings Noa, Julian and Siena
on the birth
of a baby boy

Mother and baby are in good health, b”h.

Bris will take place BE”H on Sunday, June 13 at 9:30 AM via CBI Zoom.

A great way to support the family is to bring them a meal. Please sign up on the Shifra puah meal calendar.

May this child’s life be filled with the insights of Torah, the warm and supportive love of family and community, and the blessing of good deeds.

General Events

Nesiah Tovah: R. Cohen will be out of the office June 13 to June 21.

OHDS Memorial for Yonim Schweig: A committee of shul members and OHDS parents/alum of the class of 2013, Yonim’s z’l class, are working to create a space at the school in his memory. After much planning and investment of time and effort the school board approved our designs and we were able to launch a GoFundMe page that was initially shared with the class families. We have been fortunate to raise about 2/3 of the funds so far but would like to expand the net to the local communities.
Feel free to take a look at the attached link and read more about this wonderful project that we hope will celebrate Yonim’s wonderful personality and inspire others to be creative, artistic, and mindful like he was.
Any donation, big or small, is greatly appreciated and will help move us towards our goal so we can break ground this summer.
Thanks in advance and Shabbat Shalom!
Ami and Doreet Stein Give your used vehicle new life when you donate it to CBI/Gan Shalom Preschool: Donating your car, truck or boat is easy. We’ll provide free pick-up, and your gift is tax-deductible and will benefit Gan Shalom’s Scholarship Fund. We will provide release of liability, DMV and IRS documents, and handle any title, or ticket issues.
Get started today by clicking here or call toll-free (855) 500-RIDE or (855) 500-7433

CBI has been making regular donations in lieu of meals. Please donate to the Rabbis Discretionary Fund  and indicate shelter dinner:

  • by Paypal or credit card, please pick the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
  • @CBI-Berkeley by Venmo
  • to office@cbiberkeley.org by Zelle
  • by check to “Congregation Beth Israel” c/o Joelle Yzquierdo, 432 60th Street, Oakland, CA 94609